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Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation– Provided by Masters Level Clinician and Certified monitors. Court reports available upon request. Evenings and weekend supervision appointment are available. Community Support Services offers child-friendly visitation rooms filled with games, toys and plenty of activities to help children and families have a fun and memorable experience. Highly trained, caring staff and volunteers are dedicated to making sure the visits are beneficial for children and, most importantly, safe. Every client is required to complete an application packet before supervised visits or exchanges can occur.  You can pick up an application packet during any of the hours Community Support Services office is open.

For the children: Supervised visits and exchanges allow your child(ren) to maintain relationships with both guardians in a comfortable, safe space with a predictable routine and without the stress of being put in the middle of a conflict.

For the parents and guardians: You can feel confident knowing your child(ren) has connection with the non-custodial parent in a safe, secure setting without you having to have contact or communication with the other parent.

For the family: It is our policy that staff will interact with you in a neutral manner. The goal of supervision is to strengthen your child’s child/parent relationship, not to judge your parenting styles.

Supervised Visitation allows a child to interact with a parent in the presence of a neutral third party who is trained to ensure the safety of the child. offers two levels of supervised visitation.

Level 1 – Secure Observational Supervision – onsite visitation conducted by highly skilled staff.

Level 2 – Supervised Exchange is the transfer of a child from one person to another and takes place at the Center. It is designed to allow the exchange of child(ren) without interaction between parties.

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